Camping at Vogel State Park

Vogel State Park

With a total area of 233 acres equivalent to 94 hectares, Vogel State Park, located at the base of Blood Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest, is one of Georgia’s oldest and most beloved state parks. This park is totally accessible via driving from the south, then passing through Neel Gap.

the Chattahoochee National Forest

Since established, the park has kept its fame and prestige thanks to its ideal geographical location and its seasonal recreation activities ranging from hiking, boating, backpacking, fishing, swimming and especially camping. The park’s infrastructure has been given much improvement mixed with natural features and man-made features.

The park opens all year-round from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m., so whenever you are free and desire to escape from hustle and bustle pace of life and work, you can get here to refresh and blend with nature. Currently, the park offers more than 100 campsites to satisfy visitors and campers in allowed time.

1. Walk-in campsites

Among over 100 available sites, there are 18 walk-in campsites. This means that you must make a reservation in advance to ensure your site. Normally, these walk-in sites are most beautiful and appealing ones, or they are shaded and beach-front. For that reason, those sites cost you a bit more than common sites located at the park.

Walk-in campsite

Besides other stuff like fire-rings, restrooms, and hot showers, these sites include electrical hookups and fresh water. Also, four picnic shelters are on these sites. Maximum of 6 members are allowed at each site. Campers can freely make a campfire but in designated areas such as a fire ring or so.

2. Primitive backpacking sites

These sites offer a range of overnight accommodations to campers. These sites surely are all about primitive features and typically for backpackers. Specifically, these sites are often placed at higher areas in the park than other sites. In order for backpackers or common campers to get access to these sites, the parks built up an amazing trail system directly leading to those sites.

Primitive backpacking sites

Campers, commonly, choosing these sites often travel here by motorcycles or cars, so the park separated an area as a parking lot for them. However, you need to bear in mind one thing that your car or RV must be no more than 70 ft long.

Ten or RV are ok at Vogel State Park

Tent or RV are all accepted here. If you don’t have any stuff or even tent, you can ask the park for rental. One more important thing, there is no electricity here, so make sure that you fully charge your phone and other devices beforehand or take a backup charger with you. And don’t forget to pre-prepare flashlight and mosquito repellent.

3. Cottages

If simple ways of camping are not your passion, you can rent cottages from the park. These cottages are furnished with full hookups from electricity, water, small space for cooking, dining table, two little beds and a bathroom.


Interestingly, these cottages are surrounded by a colorful curtain made of flowers and other kinds of plants. You can feel how near you are with nature while you are till cozily embraced inside a cottage.

4. Picnic Shelters

Presently, the park has only five picnic shelters, so if you eagerly pre-prepare some picnicking items like a picnic blanket or favorite fruits, you definitely should take on one immediately right after finishing pitching your tent.

Picnic shelters

5. Activities

As the saying goes “everything happens for a reason,” so there must be several reasons why most campers and visitors choose this park as their ideal destination for camping and relaxing over other State Parks.

This park is exceptionally full during the fall when the Blue Ridge Mountains transform into a rolling blanket of red, yellow and gold leaves. It is also a perfect time for hikers and backpackers to select one among various trails at the park, including the popular 4-mile Bear Hair Gap loop, an easy lake loop that leads to Trahlyta Falls, and the challenging 13-mile Coosa Backcountry Trail.

Blue Ridge Mountains

These trails lead up toward Blood Mountain and the Appalachian Trail near Neal’s Gap. All campers or hikers and backpackers can follow these trails, explore everything on the way up and take as many photos as possible.

Hiking trails at Vogel State Park

Also in the park is the Coosa Backcountry Trail, a strenuous 12.5-mile (20.1 km) loop which climbs Coosa Bald and Slaughter Mountain. These trails are marked with green blazes and are generally easy to follow.

A water fall at Vogel State Park

Besides, the park features stream, a waterfall and a great variety of flora in the Chattahoochee National Forest. And the centerpiece of the park – Lake Trahlyta is a perfect place for fishing, swimming, non-motorized watercraft, pedal boats, kayaks and paddle boards. If you are lucky, you may catch some beautifully colorful trout.

6. Rules and regulations:

All rules and regulations are posted at site offices and must be observed by all guests and their visitors.

smoking is banned at Vogel State Park

Smoking is not allowed in all enclosed facilities here. Luckily, pets are welcome at this State Park and campgrounds if leashed (no longer than six feet) and accompanied by the owner at all times.

Dog-friendly cabins

The park also offers some dog-friendly cabins. However, all pets are prohibited in or around historic site buildings

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