Camping at Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park

Located in the U.S state of Missouri, the 4,093.38-acre Roaring River State Park even stretches 8 miles south of Cassville in Barry County. With its enormous total area, this park is not only a home of a diverse vegetation of flora and fauna but the idea place for both visitors and campers as well. All of the seasons, summer is deemed as the most suitable season for camping and recreational activities. In comparison with other seasons, this one is more favorable and offers visitors more entertaining activities. According to a local magazine, the number of campers opting for this Park as their ultimate getaway has been increasingly rising year on year, ensuring the general quality life of the whole area.

Over time, the park has established several campgrounds with 187 campsites in total. Presently, there are 5 types of campsite are available for campers to pick out.

​1. Five types of campsite

a. Basic sites

The first one is a basic site. Each site of this type is only equipped with water and fire pit. Almost all campers often regard this type as a primitive camping pattern. Commonly, youths prefer these sites rather than more advanced sites. Because of these campsites' limit access to the park services, so the fee for each person per night in peak season and non-peak season are $13 and $12 respectively.

Fire Pit at Roaring River State Park Campsite

Fortunately, pets are allowed to be here as long as they are leased.

b. Electric sites

Their names do reveal that electricity hookups are available to these sites. Besides that, campers can enjoy others facilities like fire pits, picnic tables, drinking water, and showers. Presently, each site costs each camper $21 in peak season and $19 in non-peak season. Every site of this type welcome pets so long as they are on lease.

A electric site at Roaring River State Park

c. Family basic sites

These sites are distinctively designed for families to camp. However, because they are all quite fundamental sites, so almost all sites are a bit poorly furnished. Only water, showers, fire rings are ready to use. $26 for each member per night in peak season and $24 for one per night in non-peak season are maybe an acceptable fee for this kind of camping.

A Family basic site at Roaring River State Park Campsite

Pets leased are permitted at these sites as well.

c. Family electric sites

For those families that would like to get a great time together and could be able to use not only water, showers and fire rings, but electricity as well, family electric sites may be their ultimate choice.

Family electric site at Roaring River State Park

With a higher fee ranging from $40 to $42 in both on and off-season, those families freely use electricity to light up the night at their campsites. More than that, they can take pet dogs or cats along as well.

d. Premium sites

These sites are luxuriously equipped with full hookups, including picnic tables, fire rings, hot showers, bathrooms, dining table, electricity, even two bedrooms. Additionally, these sites are positioned as ideal locations to ensure campers' most satisfy.

Premium sites at Roaring River State Park

Needless to say, pets are all welcomed here. However, the fee for each night person is quite high, ranging from $52 to $55 in both two seasons.

2. Other facilities and activities

Notably, the park offers a dump station for those who travel a long way to get the Park.

A dump Station at Roaring River State Park

a. Outstanding activities

In addition to, coming here both tourists and campers can take part in numerous outdoor activities thanks to the park ideal location. Specifically, while swimming, eagle watching is popular in the summer, ice fishing, biking or trail hiking are favorite activities often taking place in spring or winter. If you are mind hiking, you can go cycling on the park's trails, but you are supposed to wear a helmet to guarantee your safety.

Go fishing at Roaring River State Park

All stuff from poles, baits, bikes, etc. are available at several camp stores, so there is no need for you to bring along anything.

Words seem not be able to describe how amazing the Park, so if you are free and ready to go, just pack your belongings and come here to self-experience everything and every corner of the Park