Camping at Inks Lake State Park

Inks Lake State Park

Surrounded by a colorful curtain of cedar, live oak, prickly pear cacti and yuccas, Inks Lake State Park located in Burnet County, Texas, United State even enjoys its ideal geographical location by lying next to Inks Lake on the Colorado River. On that account, it is totally understandable why thousands of campers and visitors have been fascinated by this State Park and choose it as an ideal heaven on the Earth to breathe new breath into such a hustle and hustle pace of life.

Inks Lake has approximately 150 campsites divided into four types.

1. Campsites with electricity

What is more amazing than camping in the middle of nature and you somehow still have electricity to use? Among 125 current electric sites, we are sure that you would find out your most favorite one.

campsite with electricity

Each shaded site here can cover up to 8 people, so your little group can well fit in it. Besides electricity, each site is furnished with a fire ring, a restroom, and water. It costs you $23, $138 and $552 nightly, weekly and yearly respectively.

2. Walk-in campsites with electricity

Although these four sites can only embrace four people each site, a picnic table, an outdoor grill, a fire ring, water, and electricity are available there. Besides, the #219 and 220 sites are wheelchair accessible.

walk-in campsite with electricity at Inks Lake State Park

So if you have a taste for camping with such full hookup site like these sites, check your schedule and make a reservation right away.

3. Campsites with water

Their names partly tell you what you are going to have with this type of sites. Water hookup (surely), a picnic table, a lantern post, a fire ring with grill and restrooms nearby are ready for use at each site.

campsites with water at Inks Lake State Park

Like an electric campsite, each site among 49 sites here can embrace maximum of 8 members. Also, campsites #300-349; campsites #322, 331, 339, and 346 are wheelchair accessible.

4. Backpack primitive campsites

With only nine sites, but these sites are most favored and adored by primitive campers. Maximum of four people are allowed at each site. Primitive as it is, so no water is available in this area, and then you must bring your own.

Backpack primitive campsites

Luckily it’s not so primitive that not any toilet is accessible. The park offers one on the trail for use. In order to get here, you are supposed to hike in 1.58 miles, so no ground fires or pets are allowed in this area.

5. Group sites

How awesome your group with up to 50 members can fit is a site. This area is isolated with a gate and lock and is equipped with a large campfire ring, cooking grills, and picnic tables.

Group sites

Surprisingly, these sites for groups are all primitive ones, so only chemical toilets located on the trail is accessible, neither available drinking water nor pets here.

6. Things to do

The park has retained its allure not only for five particular areas for every single type of camping but diverse recreation activities ranging from on land to on water. All year-round you can pitch a tent here, then go backpack, play volleyball, go picnic and observe nature colored by cedar, live oak, prickly pear cacti and yuccas at Inks Lake State Park.

If you are enthusiastic about hiking and exploring, 9 miles of hiking trails through shady forests and across rocky hills is already there for you.

Hiking trails at Inks Lake State Park

If you are a fan of water sport, you have something to do with the Lake like swimming, riding a boat, playing water ski or enjoying scuba dive and going fishing.

Water skiing at  Inks Lake State Park

And what about paddling, kayaking, biking and wildlife watching? If you’d love to join, just come here.

Paddling at Inks Lake State Park

7. Rules and regulations

It is clear as day that fire is only allowed at designated sites, so are pets. All rules are posted right from the park entrance, so make sure you get them all before sinking yourself in this State Park.

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