Camping at Huntsville state park.

Huntsville State Park

Huntsville state park is claimed as a wooded recreational area with a total area up to 2,083.2 acres, plus six miles southwest of Huntsville, Texas, within Walker County and the Sam Houston National Forest. Nestled beneath the shade of loblolly pines and along the side of Lake Raven’s tranquil water flow and among East Texas, this park is nationally deemed as an enchanting destination for campers. Coming here campers can not only opt for types of camping at will, but numerous involving activities as well.

Huntsville State Park - wooded recreational area

Currently, the park has up to 190 campsites in total. Those numbers of campsites are divided into four main categories to fully satisfy campers’ needs.

1. Full hookup RV sites

For those who desire to stay in the most advanced sites in the park, 23 full-hookup RV sites might be their solid choice.

Full hook up RV Site

These sites are full equipped with picnic tables, fire rings, shades, water, electricity, showers and even drinking water.

2. Screened shelter sites

If all you need is electricity, water, and room to park an RV, 30 screened shelter sites may suit you.

Screened shelter sites at Huntsville state park

3. Electric and water campsites

In case you fancy those sites a bit more primitive, you can go for 77 available electric and water campsites of the park.

Electric and water campsites at Huntsville state park

4. Primitive sites

Besides, if living completely primitively is your choice, you may wish to stay in 60 water only campsites.

Primitive site at Huntsville state park

Please be noted that not all the sites here are set on the flat surface, and they are probably short and narrow; therefore, for the sake of your group, you are supposed to make a reservation in advance. Regarding detailed information of campsites, you can telephone the park.

5. Fees

As for the most concern of all campers – the fee, the entrance fee contemporarily costs campers $20. Camping fee is ranged from $25 to $50 depending on which types of site campers take.

6. Appealing activities

Camping would become the most exciting activity here when you can both camp and enjoy hundreds of amazing things offered by the park. Simply, you can forget every city noise and immerse yourself into smallest vibration like the rustling of leaves.

At a general view, all you see is a green color of the whole park. The park’ authorities have promoted to generate a diverse vegetation and pine forests year on year to produce as many shades as possible for campers.

flourishing and blossoming flowers at Huntsville state park

Most campers left their comments that the park was spectacularly impressed in four seasons, especially in the spring when everything started flourishing and blossoming.

Besides that, other various activities are always available here to keep campers active and energetic. In the summer season, most campers are in favor of canoeing or paddle boating while hiking or horse riding are perfect campers in the spring. Biking or walking is more preferred by campers on the park’s trails then picnicking.

Trail walking at Huntsville state park

The amazing trail system here has been increasingly improved, enabling campers to get the easiest way to go. However, if you choose to ride, it is better for you to pre-prepare a helmet, or you can hire from the park. Thanks to the park’s diverse natural habitat, campers have a chance to watch a variety of birds singing almost all the time.

Trail hiking at Trail walking at Huntsville state park

Because of high bird density, campers who are lucky enough may be able to clearly see the beauty of every single bird. Furthermore, fishing or ice fishing on the Lake Raven is maybe campers’ another unforgettable experience.

Bird singing at Trail hiking at Trail walking at Huntsville state park

Camp stores are available elsewhere on the trail’ way, so if you lack something or want to hire something to successfully take part in the park’s activities.

So now you have known how amazing the park is and nothing else is stopping your step, please get well-prepared and get going.

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