Camping at Hillsborough Rive State Park

Hillsborough River State Park

Located in the northeast curve of Hillsborough County and near Zephyrhills, Hillsborough River State Park commonly known as “home of oak hammock” is claimed as one of the oldest State Parks in Florida. Due to its proximity to the city of Tampa, which lies along Florida’s Gulf Coast and is famous as a destination of uniquely designed museums cultural offerings, this State Park is might be a campers’ solid choice.

Camping at River State Park

Presently, the park with total area up to 2,990 acres has approximately 100 campsites scattered from the sides to the core of the park. Unlike other parks, this one allocates all campsites in order to make up an “umbrella” system. However, with this system, each campsite in each location has its own cost.

1. Three patterns of camping

Currently, the park offers three patterns of camping for all campers.

a. Primitive camping

This first one called primitive camping, which is distinctively designed for those who would like to stay in the naked nature. Interestingly, the fee for campers using this pattern is extremely friendly-budget, at only $5 per person per night.

Primitive camping at Hillsborough River State Park

Those primitive campsites are, nevertheless, quite poorly furnished. Only water is available for hand wash and bathroom with cold water for showering. No electricity is accessible for campers being in favor of these sites; therefore, they are supposed to bring along flashlights or candles in stead to light up their tents at night.

If you did not pre-prepare cooked food, you can gather little dried brushes around and do your own barbecue in the middle of nature.

b. Developed camping

For those who fancy somewhere else less primitive, left developed campsites are might be their option. Those sites are equipped with nearly full hookups, including picnic tables, water, fire rings, bathrooms with hot water and shades. And because of their more furnished facilities, these campsites cost much more than the first ones.

Developed camping at Hillsborough River State Park

Each camper has to pay $24 per night, plus tax, plus a non-refundable $6.70 reservation fee. Fortunately, with this amount of expense, you are provided with electricity. More importantly, only maximum of six people is allowed in each campsite of both pattern.

c. Group camping

Also, the park supports several sites for groups only. Each site for group can cover no more than six people as well. However, in order to make sure that you and your group definitely take the site, reservation and deposit are obligated.

Group camping at Hillsborough River State Park

Each group is supposed to pay a deposit of $20 to the park before officially pay the rest of the fee when arriving.

2. Policies and requirements

Luckily, dog pets are welcomed here as long as they are leased to guarantee other campers’ safety.

Pets are welcomed at Hillsborough River State Park

The park opens all year-round from 8 a.m. until sundown. For other parks, campers often mention when the peak seasons are; however, to this park almost all days around the year are peak days.

The number of campers has been increasingly rising year on year, contributing an insignificant part to the park’s general development. On this account, all campers are required to make reservations in at least one-day advance to keep their ideal sites.

3. Interesting activities

Thanks to the park’s aforementioned location and being located side by side to the river, much of the park is a diverse vegetation of live oak hammocks, hickories, sabal palms and magnolias.

Sabal Palms at Hillsborough River State Park

Throughout the year, campers are able to explore hundreds of activities from fishing, picnicking, bird watching to trail running (more than seven miles of trains running through the park has been increasingly upgraded up to now) and moderate hiking.

Trail running at Sabal Palms at Hillsborough River State Park

One more campers’ favorite activity that they cannot miss is taking photographs. It would be a huge regret if you have a chance to come here without saving those incredibly unforgettable moments.

Taking photograph at Trail running at Sabal Palms at Hillsborough River State Park

So, what are stopping your steps? If you are already ready, just pack your belongings, make a reservation and get going.

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