Camping at General Butler State Park

General Butler State Park

Enjoying such a tourism boom by nestling near Carrollton, Kentucky in Caroll County, General Butler State Park is dubbed by most campers and visitors an ultimate gateway to escape from hustle and bustle space of noisy cities. Historically, this park is named for a great American solider who devoted his entire life to the whole area’s peace. The park’ amazing natural beauty and a wide range of numerous choices of recreational activities have been definitely captivating almost all campers’ and visitors’ attraction.

camping at General Butler State Park

So if you are a fan of camping and enjoying beautiful landscapes given by nature here, you definitely should pay this 791-acre (320 ha) park a visit.

This vibrant hue park seen from a certain height by helicopter is like an amazing palace colored by the scenic scenery of green ranges of forest and systems of spacious campgrounds, cabins, fishing area, canoeing area on Butler Lake and trails for hiking and mountain biking, plus a 9-hole golf course.

amazing view from General Butler State Park

Only featuring two kinds of campsite: primitive and full hookup sites, this park nonetheless boasts its captivation by the way that all campers and visitors can cherish every single moment when setting their footsteps here.

1. Primitive sites

This must-see State Park excite and inspire campers by approximately 120 campsites straddling right from the door of the one-and-only campground. If you are into camping primitively at the widest sites ever, nearly half of these sites is definitely for you.

Primitive as it is, only water is accessible for you to use. However, its stirring wilderness of the landscape itself would surly take your breath away. How incredible it is when you can blend yourself with natural beauty and get every weariness of your chest.

Stirring wilderness of the landscape at General Butler State Park

Time seems to past slower than it does when you can pitch a tent widely here and cherish yourself by cool and fresh air. What would be more amazing than you can cuddle yourself in a soft blanket in front of a little campfire and roast some marshmallow?

Just because you are camping in a primitive site does mean you cannot fully enjoy everything without electricity. It would be even greater when you light up your tent with luminous stuff and chains of blinkers.

2. Full hookup sites

This breathtaking State Park is also the home of over 50 full hookup sites where unspoiled nature endures amid the ash and cinders.

As a result of time and time renovation, these sites are much more furnished, with grills, showers, restrooms are accessible, and even, laundry facilities are positioned right next to two central service building.

Groups are welcomed at General Butler State Park

It is no doubt why campers prefer these sites to primitive sites. Neither pre-preparation time for necessary stuff , nor any advance reservation is required. What’s more? These sites are not solely for staying, they all form stunning views to behold.

Pets on leash are welcomed at General Butler State Park

Also, groups are welcomed here. However, in order to guarantee your safety as well as an appropriate size of each site, your group members are not over 20. Luckily, pets on leash are allowed here, so if you desire to take your loyal friend with you to treasure unforgettable moments, you are free to go ahead.

3. Cottages

One more available option for you to take: cottages. If primitive camping or camping at full hookup sites cannot come up to your expectation, then cottages might be your solid choice.

Enjoying an afternoon at a cottage

Is there more crazily beautiful landscapes to let your hair down and entertain than 24-private-balcony-or-patio cottages? You can opt for one, two or three-bedroom cottages with one bath and two or three executive cottages with two baths are available. All are up to use and your group size.

Additionally, tableware, cooking utensils and linens are outstanding facilities that make these cottages keep it magnetism.

4. Vibrant activities

Vast in scale and magical in its sensational beauty, it would be no doubt why campers and visitors choose this "pure perfection” as a door to refresh themselves.

If you are a water sport lover, how can you miss a chance to rent a boat and enjoy paddle-boating on the lake at General Butler? And what about going fishing while boating on this lake?

Sunset with fog and silhouette of a couple on small boat backlit by sunlight

Also, this lake is the place where all campers and visitors enjoy canoeing, surf bikes. All rental fees are extremely affordable and seasonally available at the nearby Boat Dock.

Bike surfing

Besides, trolling motors are allowed after Labor Day Weekend with some certain restrictions. Also, private boats with trolling motors are permitted within the park’s seasons.

5. Regulations

Is it insane that the park open year-round without any advance reservation acquired? It sounds great, isn’t it? This means whenever you are free, you can come here, take a site, pitch a tent and find pleasure in wild nature.

Furthermore, special sites are designed for wheelchair accessible as well. And as long as your pets are on leash, they are all welcomed to the park.

wheelchair accessibel sites

It is no need for you to take any concern that your car or RV is going to run of fuel because of a long way to get here. The park offers a useful dump station for you to take full advantage of, too.

After all, no matter how amateur or professional camper you are, if nothing burdens you at the moment, you should pack your belongings, leave the endless thought of life behind and find peace and relaxation in General Butler State Park.

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