Camping at Eisenhower State Park

Eisenhower State Park

Situated in Grayson County Texas and northwest of Denison, Texas, Eisenhower State Park with a total area of 423.1 acres even stretches on the shores of Lake Texoma. Thanks to its perfect circle, this Park possesses stunning views and amazing spots. This park is as if an actual heaven on Earth for both tourists and campers to get away from hustle and bustle pace of life and blend into nature. Yearly, this park has been welcoming hundreds to thousands of visitors, most of them are campers. Whether they are professional or non-professional campers, almost all of them could find a site that satisfies their interest. This State Park is claimed as one of the most popular melting pots for camping across the state of Texas. According to most campers who once came here, this Park is regarded as their ultimate getaway for relaxation and refreshment.

View from the shores of Lake Texoma

1. Four distinct camping areas​

1.1. ​The Bois D' Arc Ridge Camping Area

The first camping area named the Bois D' Arc Ridge is typically designed for RV camping. The total number of campsites is over 50 sites and each site is equipped with full RV hookups, including a picnic table, water hookup, sewer hookup, electric hookup, lantern post and restrooms nearby.

RV camping site at Eisenhower state park

In order for campers to get a site in this are, all reservations are required. Campers are supposed to reserve at least two days before their arrival. Because when camping here campers can to enjoy full services offered by the park; therefore, the fee for campers to pitching their tents here is most expensive among fees in the other areas, at $25 per person per night.

According to the park's regulation applied to all campsites in this area, pets are not allowed so as to guarantee all campers' safety.

1.2. The Armadillo Hill Camping Area

The second camping area called the Armadillo Hill camping is standard for tent camping. For this area, all water and electricity, plus a picnic table, water hookup, a fire ring with grill and restrooms with showers positioned nearby are available to each site.

Tent camping at Eisenhower state park

Set as a common rule for every site, campers are required to book at least two days in advance to get a site in this area. It costs all campers in the Armadillo hill area a bit less pricey than the fee for those staying at sites in the first area, at $23 for each person per night.

Pets are also are prohibited at all sites here.

1.3. The Fossil Ridge and Elm Point Camping Area

For those who desire to stay primitive in the middle of nature without electricity or water, the Fossil Ridge and Elm Point camping area is maybe their solid choice. Among nearly 35 sites located in this area, most of which own best lake-front views together with beach-front sights. All sites are designed with a playground, showers, and series of hiking trails.

Primitive camping at Eisenhower state park

Besides, a picnic table, an outdoor grill, a fire ring, a Tent pad, a lantern post and restrooms located nearby are included in each site.

With only $20 per night, each camper is able to take full advantage of all above services. Pets are, unfortunately, are banned in this area as well.

1.4. The Deer Haven Camping Area

The last area known as the Deer Haven possesses 35 campsites. All these sites are shadowed by screened shelters. With $18 per night, each camper has a chance to get a picnic table, a fire ring and water nearby.

Campsites with screened shelters at Eisenhower State Park

Like sites at three aforementioned areas, these in this area have to be also reserved in advance. Pets are still "not in the list" here.

This area is quite near the Eisenhower Yacht Club, so if time allows, you can enjoy a glass of wine and get high there.

2. Other activities activities

Besides camping-related activities, all visitors also have hundreds of things to experience and explore. Specifically, while they could take park in activities like fishing, boating, glass collecting or playing kite in the summer, seeing sparkling autumn leaves falling or enjoying sunset are more popular in the fall.

Go fishing at Eisenhower State Park

Furthermore, if you are in favor of hiking, you can give the trails allocated along the Grayson County Texas a try.

Hiking trails at Eisenhower State Park

So, if you are going to make a plan and would like to turn it into reality, all you need to do is to make a reservation, pack your belongings and get going.

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