Camping at East Harbor State Park

East Harbor State Park

Regarded as the heart of the shores of Lake Erie, East Harbor State Park is famous due to its indefinite recreational opportunities. Thanks to its favorable location, this Park has been welcoming thousands of both tourists in general and campers in particular to visit. Coming here they can participate in not only the most popular activity happening all year-round – camping, but take part in other diverse outdoor activities inside the Park and other activities at nearby locations.

Camping at East Harbor State Park, wild flowers along the shores of Lake Erie

1. Types of camping pattern

Among other campgrounds positioned in the Ohio State Park system, the one at East Harbor is most spacious. As a result, the number of campsites at East Harbor is excessive in comparison with that of those at other State Parks. With such a large total area, plus a huge investment, this State Park possesses not only one but several kinds of camping pattern that almost all campers could be contented with as well.

a. Primitive camping

The first one favored most by youths called primitive camping. This type of camping is perfect for those who are in favor of exploring and completely basing on the nature for their survival. This sounds as if an actual wildlife.

Primitive camping at East Harbor State Park

Currently, the park has 197 primitive campsites allocated evenly. Most of them are positioned deeply in the middle of the park. Only water and showers are available on these sites; however, for other stuff like dried brushes for lighting at night or wild fruits, campers could gather right around their sites. For wild fruits, only which guided eatable by the park are picked up.

b. Non-electric sites

For those who would like to be at less primitive, non-electric sites maybe suit them. These sites are more furnished than those first sites.

Non-electric camp site at East Harbor State Park

While water, bathrooms, hot showers, fire rings are available, electricity is still limited at these 351 sites. Consequently, if you mind collecting brushes around, you can bring a long flashlights or candles.

c. Electric sites

Furthermore, if you are willing to pay a bit more, you can stay at electric sites. Those sites have the same facilities as non-electric sites, but plus electricity. In order to make your site outstanding at night, you could decorate it with several chains of blinkers.

electric-camp site at East Harbor State Park

You would not imagine how amazing and sparkling it is. Presently, the park has up to 300 electric sites and has been opening more so far.

d. Full hookup sites

For those who fancy both camping activities and utilize fully facilities like public electricity, drinking water, sewer lines, and bathrooms with hot showers, full hookup sites are might be their ultimate choice.

Full hookup campsite at East Harbor State Park

However, the number of these sites are quite limited, at only 23. Therefore, you are supposed to make a reservation as soon as you make up your mind.

e. Cabins

If you are not ready to camp by a tent in the middle of nature, you will opt for two available camper cabins. Because the number of this site is extremely rare, so campers are supposed to book even up to nine months in advance.

cabins at East Harbor State Park

Each site here is not only full hook-up but equipped with a big tub, a large mirror, and a small dining table.

f. Group camping

Fortunately, the park also designs separate locations for group camp only. At present, the park has up to 120 group campsites with half-fully equipped.

Group camping at East Harbor State Park

Youth often target these sites because they have a tendency to stay together and do crazy things overnight.

2. Fee and other policies

Fees vary depending on which kinds of sites campers are going to take namely, $90 for group camps, $24 for electric sites, $28 for full-hookup sites, $28 for electric sites, $55 for camper cabin in non-peak season and $90 for group camps, $26.00-$27.00 for non-electric site, $38.00-$41 for full hookup site, $55 for camper cabin in peak season.

Pets are welcomed when camping at East Harbor State Park

Luckily, pets are currently are allowed to be at all sites as long as they are leased. Besides, if you travel a long way to get the park, you can take full advantage of an available dump station in the park.

3. Activities

Thanks to the park’s ideal geographical location, campers come here can not only camp but enjoy numerous entertaining activities from boating, swimming, picnicking, boating and enjoy the endless of waterfowl, bird watching and exploring actual lives of thousands of wild animals inhabiting here. From the bank of Lake Erie, you can have a chance to enjoy the park’ scenic wetlands with a mixture a diverse vegetation.

Boating while camping at East Harbor State Park

If you come here in the winter, you can try sledding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice boating, ice skating and ice fishing as well.

ice fishing when camping at East Harbor State Park

So, if nothing else is hindering you at all and you are going to map a plan for camping somewhere, this land is looking forward to welcoming you.

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