Best camping in Michigan, ideal place for entertainment

Best Camping in Michigan

Michigan, known as a mid-western U.S state with more than 11,000 inland lakes, encircles four of the Great Lakes. With this ideal geographical location, Michigan is regarded as a have-to-come getaway for all tourists in general and campers in particular. Nowhere else in other states could be as tranquil and fresh as campgrounds embraced by Michigan for tourists and campers enjoy most their quality time as well as re-energize themselves. Among hundreds of spectacular existing campgrounds in Michigan, seven following destinations are particularly charming and beach-front.

Best camping in Michigan

1. Orchard Beach State Park (Manistee)

Lying just north of Manistee, this state park's campground is distinctively designed for families and groups. Almost all campsites here attach with the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan. The 201-acre-of bluff and dune-land State Park with the campgrounds circled by a chain of hiking trails is perfect for campers.

Camping at Orchard Beach State Park, Michigan

Besides camping right next to the coast of the Lake, campers have chances to take part in hundreds of interesting activities like windsurfing, swimming, fishing, etc.

2. Harrisville State Park (Harrisville)

Those campsites at this State Park are for those who would like to be in an "artificial Fairy World" surrounded by a marvelous forest. And then, the time when they undo the curtain made by leaves and brushes, the beach would be right in front of their eyes.

camping at Harrisville State Park (Harrisville), Michigan

More interestingly, the heavily wooded area around the campgrounds would probably turn into as if a remarkably spacious dome for almost all campsites on hot summer days. Additionally, the average temperature here remains mild because of the beach breeze.

3. Silver Lake State Park (Mears)

This place is perfect for those who would like to pitch their tents and then set their barefoot above soft and gentle sand. Because Silver Lake State Park is nationally well-known for its gorgeous sand dunes, so it is not only favored by adults but kids as well. The thread between human beings and nature has never been that close when you set your tent a short distance from the shores of Silver Lake or Lake Michigan.

camping at Silver Lake State Park (Mears), Michigan

Listed the third, the park nonetheless covers one of the most appealing campgrounds across entire Michigan, so if you would like to be sure about your spot, you definitely should make a reservation to the park.

4. Bay Furnace Campground (Munising)

Not exactly located right in Munising, but this nearby magnificent Campground with hundreds of amazing campsites takes its pride in recreational activities like swimming, stargazing, and the spectacular occasionally sightseeing of the Northern Lights.

camping at Bay Furnace Campground (Munising), Michigan

For those who are sand glass lovers, this place is typical for them to collect and boast their little sparkling collection. Like most other campgrounds in Michigan, this one possessing peaceful atmosphere is a popular destination for both campers and tourists to enjoy and escape from the hustle and bustle space of life.

5. Weko Beach Campgrounds (Bridgman)

Like Bay Furnace Campground, these are several-mile from Bridgman as well. Those campers who would like to stay campsites with both front beach views to feel the breeze and somewhat modernly designed, Weko Beach Campgrounds is all for them.

camping at Weko Beach Campgrounds, Michigan

Also, hot showers and concession items are available here. Besides, if you keen on somewhere else more equipped, you can rent little cabins located close to the shore of Lake Michigan.

6. Sleeper State Park (Caseville)

Tranquilly cuddled in Michigan's Thumb region, this 720-acre-mile-of-land State Park is the mother of diverse wetlands, forests and even breathtaking sandy shorelines overlooking the Saginaw Bay.

camping at Sleeper State Park, Michigan

It would be great when you come at three or four and finish pitching before sunset, and then you can take your time to enjoy sunset afterward.

7. Fisherman's Island (Charlevoix)

The fact that the stunning shores of Lake Michigan would be opposite to campers' tents would offer them fantastic views to enjoy. This beautiful Island is considered a must-visit for campers who desire to be entertained by a series of wildflowers and infinite views.

camping at Fisherman’s Island, Michigan

So, everything is already there waiting for you to pay a visit. All you need is to prepare a tent, friends or families members then get going.

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