Camping at Backbone State Park

Backbone State Park

Dedicatedly built in 1919, Backbone State Park – the most ancient Park nestles in the valley of the Maquoketa River and stretches approximately three miles south of Strawberry Point in Delaware County. Backbone is named for a narrow and steep ridge of bedrock separated by a loop of the Maquoketa River.

Backbone State Park

Years and years went by, yet the State Park still has remained one of the most geographically unique State Parks among those located in the whole area. Thanks to its ideal geographical location, the Park has been captivating from hundreds to thousands of tourists and campers. They all come here not simply for resting but enjoying diverse recreation activities offered by the park.

Over the years, Backbone State Park has constructed two campgrounds with more than 125 campsites and separated area for 16 cabins as well. These two campgrounds feature two typical types of camping: primitive and modern ones.

1. Six Pines Campground

As mentions, this campground is home to up to 27 primitive, non-electric sites. Ideally situated on the west side of Backbone Lake, these sites are perfect for dry campers and tent campers who fancy not-related water outdoor activities. Despite the fact that almost all sites here are place on rugged surfaces, all ground is relatively spacious and have shades all year round.

Primitive sites at Backbone State Park

The shower is not available for use, two clean and tidy primitive restrooms with relatively full of facilities nevertheless are ready for both men and women. Also, the park offers fresh drinking water to serve all thirsty campers after taking part in various entertaining activities in the park.

More interestingly, Six Pines Campground constructed a playground in the center of the camp area, so if you would like to play or take your kids there, just come for free.

2. South Lake Campground

South Lake Campground features a bit modern type of camping. Currently, this campground has 49 non-electric sites, 49 electric sites, two shower buildings. Therefore campers have two options here to take. Firstly, they can make a reservation for a non-electric site to stay a night. This site is equipped exactly like an electric site; however, it surely excludes electricity. As a result, this site is a bit cheaper than the one with electricity.

Developed sites at Backbone State Park

Two shower buildings with flush toilets and large bathtubs are 24/7 ready to use. Additionally, thanks to placing at the southeast side of the park, this campground includes spacious sites for RV’s or tent campers. Furthermore, all sites here are level with crushed stone pads, and some sites are shady as well.

Hiking trails at Backbone State park

Surprisingly, this campground has an amazing trail system, so both visitors and campers can take advantage of it for diverse activities like biking, walking or hiking.

3. Cabins

If you are not a fan of primitive or modern sites, 16 current cabins in the park may satisfy your need. These little but well-equipped cabins is fully packed almost all weekends, so you are supposed to reserve one in advance to make certain that you surely get the site.

cabins at Backbone State Park

Those cabins are totally modern with heating and air conditioning. More than that, there is no need for you to pre-prepare any tent to camp because the park already offers two-bedroom or one bed-room cabins. Besides, bathroom, showers, futons and fold out beds are available for extra sleeping accommodations. However, bedding stuff and dinnerware are excluded, so you should bring along some things like blankets, a mosquito net, and pillows.

A little campfire at a site

Additionally, a fire-ring is available at each site, so you and your group or your family can get the night up by the campfire. If time allows, you can follow connecting trails that lead to the East of the Backbone Lake to enjoy the sunset and to the rugged areas of the park as well.

4. Policies

Two campgrounds with more than 100 campsites open all year round, so you can pay a visit to this State Park for camping all the time, regardless of winter, spring, autumn or summer.

Pets are welcomed at Backbone State Park

Fortunately, pets are allowed here as long as they are on leash. As a result, you can take that loyal and sincere pet friend along with you to enjoy every incredibly unforgettable moment here.

5. Activities

Opening 365 days per year, the park offers a large number of recreation activities for visitors and campers all year round. If you are a fan of going fishing, all you need is to pre-prepare or rent a pole, some baits, and catch some trout in Backbone’s cold, clear, quick-flowing stream in winter or autumn.

Going fishing while camping at Backbone State Park

And if you are fond of biking, walking or hiking, you can take both natural and man-made trails in the park into account. Presently, the park has 21 miles of hiking and multi-use trails, which allows visitors to hike, walk through old twisted and windblown cedars or rocky staircases. Also, trying playing cross-country ski or snowmobile is not a bad idea.

Picnicking while camping at Backbone State Park

More than that, Backbone is nationally known as a lovely place for picnicking and biking. Several picnic table is availably accessible, or you can simply pre-prepare a picnic table.

biking while camping at Backbone State Park

With all aforementioned features, we are sure that you got impressed by the park’s beauty and charm somehow. So if you are going to get a plan for camping or re-energizing yourself after intensive working time, all you need to do is to check your schedule, make a reservation and enjoy.

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