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Assateague State Park

Located in Worcester County, Maryland, at the North of Assateague Island, this park also known as a recreation are side by side with the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Sinepuxent Bay on the west. Besides, this park is also bordered on both its north and sound sides by Assateague Island National Seashore. Thanks to its ideal geographical location, this nationally prestigious park is a perfect gateway for tourists and campers to escape from the hustle and bustle pace of life.

Assateague Island National Seashore, camping

1. How many campsites and camping patterns does the Park has?

Currently, Assateague State Park possesses more than 350 campsites. There are two kinds of camping pattern that campers can choose, depending on their interest.

​a. Primitive camping

The first one called primitive camping is suitable for those desiring to live completely upon nature. The fact that almost all campers are in favor of this type of camping leads to the site number of type is excessive. This means facilities in these campsites are quite poorly furnished, only water and shades are available there.

Primitive camping at Assateguate State Park

​b. Developed camping

The second one is developed camping with campsites fully equipped with electrical hookups, drinking water and shades.

Developed camping at Assateguate State Park

Additionally, each campsite of each kind has a fire ring, a picnic table and covers a maximum of six people. Hot water is available for showers 24/7.

2. Striking advantages campers can enjoy

This park location not only reaps one benefit from the park, but it also enjoys the extremely mild climate given by the land. Even in the summer, the temperature of the whole area only vibrates from 27◦C to 32◦C. To the best knowledge of numerous campers who used to be here, the best season for camping here is autumn.

Autumn camping at Assateguate State Park

It is understandable because, in this season, campers would probably get their tents surrounded by red-brown leaves on the ground or sparkling ones falling from trees. If you are type of romantic type, you could come here in the spring when everything is blanketed by cool green leaves. If you are lucky enough, you would come across several little soft and gentle curtains of rain.

A spectacular scence when camping at Assateguate State Park

3. Fees and Policies

a. Fees

The fee for each campsite depends on which type of site you stay in. Specifically, while the cost of primitive campsites is $30 per night, sites with electrical hook-ups are $40 per night. Besides, all reservations are required before campers' arrival. They can either book by calling the Maryland State Park at 888-432-2267 or book online at

b. Policies​

As usual, campers are supposed to check in at 2 p.m. and check out at 11 a.m. However if you could not show up at scheduled time, you would pay $6 for your cancellation charge.

Night campfire at Assateguate State Park

Unlike most other campgrounds, night campfire is allowed in every campsite. Also, in order to keep you from unexpected cases caused by fire, the park established a group of professional firefighters who are responsible for all campers' safety and even in urgently-needed-help cases. These staffs are willing to be by campers' side 24/7.​

Unfortunately, all pets are not allowed to be present at any site for the sake of all campers​

Pets are not allowed at Assateguate State Park

So, whatever the current season is, if you are ready to take a camping trip, this park could probably be your first and foremost choice.

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